Parent-To-Parent Confessions: 5 Hilariously Honest Bugbears!

Parent-To-Parent Confessions: 5 Hilariously Honest Bugbears!

Sometimes we just need to let a little steam off parent-to-parent to prevent a spot of bother from a repetitive bugbear situation rapidly spiralling into exasperation.

Let’s face it; at every phase in life there are bugbears. You know, those irritating happenings that just seem to niggle you. From those tiny tantrum years as a small toddler irritated at not being able to crayon doodles all over the freshly painted white walls, to teenagers annoyed at parents for trying to snoop around in their private life. As the years pass on, these bugbears change significantly.

Just like all the wonderful triumphs and trials parenting seems to throw at us, it came as quite a surprise that out of all the testing scenarios we experience as a Mum or Dad, how considerably challenging infant socks could be! Especially those oh-so-adorable newborn socks!

Before Sockatoos were invented to resolve troubling sock problems, socks were the nuisance of both little ones and parents’ lives. It wasn’t just a tired Mum or Dad who would experience frustration from yet another lost sock, but tiny babies and small toddlers feel it too! Wouldn’t you feel fed up with a sock uncomfortably hanging halfway off your foot, yet again, and no means to adjust it by yourself? Let alone losing your socks completely, creating one or even two chilly feet!

For the love of parenting, let’s revisit some of those hilariously honest bugbears! How many of these can you relate to?


1. Welly-Gap Woes!

Also known as: those awkward toddler socks that just seem to want to escape from the feet on every step resulting in the sock becoming all scrunched up inside the end of the Wellington boot.

parent to parent confessions welly gap woes

Not only is this uncomfortably bumpy for poor little feet to press weight onto, but tiny feet feel unpleasant against those plastic rubber insoles.

It seems that no matter how many times you try the old trick of tucking the trousers into the socks, or pulling them back up into place again, those darn socks just want to misbehave!

SOLUTION: Sockatoos are cleverly sewn into the hem of the trousers to secure
them in place, meaning no more welly-gap woes! Finally, toddler and baby socks that stay on!


2. Greedy Laundry Machine

No matter how cute baby and toddler socks may seem, they are rather grating on
the nerves. Especially when after a gruelling laundry chore has been successfully
ticked off the never-ending to-do list, we end up with so many odd pairs, or hardly any left at all!

Parent to parent confessions - Greedy Laundry Machine

But where do all the kids’ socks disappear to during laundry? If you’re a parent, you can probably relate to this quandary:

  • Two socks go into the washing machine
  • Yet only one little sock resurfaces – if you’re lucky!!

Where on Earth, quite literally, did the other sock/s go?

Well if you have recently noticed that your washing machine hasn’t been efficiently draining the water down properly, it is time to call the plumber! These naughty little socks get lodged inside the pipework, drains and inside of the washer itself!

SOLUTION: You will always have beautifully matching socks that are happy to stay as a pair, with Sockatoos!


3. Tiny Tucked Away Treasures

Sometimes, unfortunately only one sock will ever make it to the laundry basket to be washed. This is because tiny socks do seem to love a fun game of hide and seek!

parent to parent confessions hide and seek

Popular places where you may find this hidden sock at some point in the future:

  • Doubling as a mitten on an unsuspecting doll or stuffed animal (sorry Peter Rabbit)
  • Safely tucked into the sofa
  • Underneath the car seat
  • Behind or under furniture
  • The list goes on!

SOLUTION: You will never lose any more tiny socks in the car or around the house when your child wears Sockatoos!


4. Supermarket Fetch

So you all know the game of ‘fetch’ usually with a pet dog and a stick, bone or ball outdoors in nature. Well, I will now introduce you to the oh-so entertaining game of ‘supermarket fetch.’ As you may have probably guessed, the scene is set in a supermarket, not outdoors.

Parent to parent confessions supermarket sweep

Let’s welcome the key players:

  • Dog is substituted for parent
  • Stick, bone or ball is actually a tiny baby sock
  • Pet owner throwing object is actually your little offspring

How to play:

  1. Firstly, sit your tot in the supermarket trolley seat and go about your shopping trip as normal.
  2. At some point during this taxing chore, you will notice one or two pink feet within your peripheral vision.
  3. Much to your dismay, supermarket fetch has begun!
  4. You must now march around the supermarket a number of times until you find that little sock that your child has kicked off.
  5. Be warned: you may never complete the game.

SOLUTION: Investing in a pair of Sockatoos will help you avoid ever having to play
this game. Ever. Again. Hurrah!


5. All Hail The Hippy Baby!

We all know that tots just love to remove their socks and shoes. Bless them; they just want to free their tiny little feet! - All hail the hippy baby!

Parent to parent confessions - hippy baby

Yet why is it that it’s not until we have already kept up pace, and are almost home after multi-tasking on the phone to run more errands, that we notice the missing sock/s? Most of us busy parents simply don’t have the time to trace back our steps, let alone the patience to spot the miniature sock, where-ever it may be!

SOLUTION: You will never have this problem by dressing your little cutie in a pair
of Sockatoos!


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